Our day trips usually start by meeting your guide at a desired location and time.  We gear up and head out to whatever river and species we are targeting.  Typical drive time ranges from ten minutes to one and one half hours.  Guiding services requested outside Middle Tennessee are subject to a $50 daily travel fee.  With hundreds of river miles, the opportunities are endless, and you can choose from floating to running a jet boat on larger waters for full or half-day trips.  We have virtually any option to accommodate your style of water and fishing, so please let us know what you want out of the day.

Day trips include your guide, lunch, tackle and flies.  Plus, you’ll gain local knowledge, techniques, casting instructions alongside a patient, happy guide.  You should know we are not an ‘on the clock’ guiding service, but prefer to spend as much time with our customers as desired.

Fly Fishing Trip Rates:

            Full day, 2 Anglers:  $500

            Full day, 1 Angler:  $450

            Half day, 1 or 2 Anglers:  $400

*Gratuity not included.

Contact us today to book your trip:

James (406) 546-1463

Amy (319) 471-3403


Bring yourself and a Tennessee fishing license. We provide the rest!

What to pack for a trip to Middle Tennessee depends on when you visit.  Summer months can be a great time for us, but some of our favorite times to be on the water are fall and spring.  Even mild winters can bring great fishing.  Be that as it may, if you are taking a day trip always bring layers of clothing, from shorts (in summer) right up to warm fleece layers and stocking caps (in winter).  Clothing with UVA/UVB protection is a recommendation during hot and sunny months.  Rain gear is always a must, along with sunglasses, a hat or cap to protect the head and sunblock.

Fishing gear depends on the species you hope to fish.  For trout, five to six weight rods are perfect.  Bass sometimes require more, six to eight weight rods are recommended.  For reels, any single action will do.  Always feel free to bring your favorite rod, but we will also provide rods for you to use to fit each situation.  Fly reel and fly lines depend much on the situation, and again we will provide what you need for the day.  For the flies, please bring your favorites, but count on us to accommodate the right ones for the right times.  This is one of our areas of expertise, and we make many of our own flies based on what works best.

If you have any further questions about gear, please ask when you book your trip.


We do NOT provide fishing licenses.  You can visit or find your local license sales holder.  In addition a trout stamp must be in possession while fishing for trout.