The Caney Fork River is a major tributary of the Cumberland River.  The name “Caney Fork” derives from the dense cane breaks that were prevalent when the European settlers arrived.  The down stream section below Center Hill Dam is annually stocked by TWRA with Rainbow, Brown and most recently Brook Trout.  The Caney Fork is considered to be one of the best trout rivers in the State!  The Caney Fork is a tail water fishery with an abundance of scuds, sow bugs and midges.  The Rainbows and Browns can reach a very good size due to the cool water and food source.  With limited hatches and mostly gravel bottom, nymph fishing is the predominate style and very effective.  Swinging and trolling big steamers is a popular technique as well.  The crystal clear water and rolling hardwood hills makes the Caney Fork a fly fishing heaven for Tennessee’s trout!

TYPICAL CATCH:  Depending on waterflow and time of year, Rainbow and Brown Trout provide plenty of action.  Certain times of year the Stripers will run the Caney Fork and provide fly anglers with abundant opportunities.

TOTAL RIVER MILES: miles long.

TOTAL RIVER MILES GUIDED: From Center Hill Dam to the mouth of the Cumberland River.

TYPE OF TRIP AVAILABLE: Float or wade trips available.

PRIMARY STYLE OF FISHING:  Five to seven weight rods recommended.  Nymph fishing and trolling big streamers are the predominant styles for catching Caney Fork Trout.  Larger rods might be required for targeting the Striper runs.